Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dreaming of Friday

It never comes soon enough
Always going too fast
Despite its short living
It's always a blast

A gateway to the weekend
A goodbye to the past
Raise up your beer
Say Thank God It's Friday at Last!


Monday, December 1, 2008

I Don't

~I Don't~

I don't remember
Where the end meets beginning
But it's somewhere close
I haven't felt this way before
My body feels free
Like I have no control
My legs send me whichever way
I hope that this is just temporary
Cause I need to get back
To this mess of a life I have

Love Bound

Love Bound
Hands stuck together
Lips puckered tight
You know its forever
Hearts are loved tonight
Tell me this is real
Make me believe
Show me how love feels
Make me believe
Put your love in drive
Baby I'm heart bound
You make me feel alive
Our love's finally found
Tell me this is real
Make me believe
Show me how love feels
Make me believe
We got this love
I got you forever
You're like an angel from above
I'll stay with you forever


Under, standing
I went down below
When you went above
Though I could see
The meaning of love

Trying to find
Some common groud
You went over my head
While I was undergroud

You don't want to see my way
I don't want to see yours
But we both know
UNSTANDING is what we have to do

So we finally agree
That love gives
Love takes
And we both know that our love
Has was it takes

Moving On

Baby where did it all go wrong
Why can't you look into my eyes
And I feel like you aren't even caring
I never thought we'd be this far apart
This far into our lives
Once I thought I finally got our love for good
Now you're heading out the door
So now live from day to day
I see you every now and then
You smile and walk pass
We act like nothing happened
But who are we fooling?
We know are hearts are broken
And we knew what we had
I tried so many times to bring our love back
But I guess our love is the past
So I'm just trying to keep as much of you as possible
and someone once said it best
'Sometimes to keep it together You got to leave it alone'
Maybe one day
I can say that i finally moved on

Welcome to the Dark

If you want something dark

I'll give you the black

You want a poem that will spark

I'll give you a heart attack
Cause my words are like shadows

They'll haunt your light

Always creeping behind

You can't deny its existence
If you want the aphotic

You yearn for gloom

Whatever you's schtick

I'll Bring the doom

Atrocious, bad, corrupt, damnable,

foul, hellish, horrible, immoral,

infernal, nefarious, satanic, sinful,

sinister, vile, wicked, DARK

If these words are too bleak

Then maybe you're too weak

While you're going back to the light

I'll still be here saying it right


My nerves turned to stone,
Eyes shut cold.
Every breath taken,
Is another life mistaken.
I never discovered,
the asnwer to life...
always to be uncovered.
Oh, how the experience,
Makes life so precious.
The raw moment...
A kiss, a cry, a laugh.
We seem to move through life
either happy or sad.
It's a simple thing to say,
but life is just to be had.
So tonight, just wonder...
What your life truly means,
and if your true to yourself.
It'll all be clearer now.