Monday, December 1, 2008

Moving On

Baby where did it all go wrong
Why can't you look into my eyes
And I feel like you aren't even caring
I never thought we'd be this far apart
This far into our lives
Once I thought I finally got our love for good
Now you're heading out the door
So now live from day to day
I see you every now and then
You smile and walk pass
We act like nothing happened
But who are we fooling?
We know are hearts are broken
And we knew what we had
I tried so many times to bring our love back
But I guess our love is the past
So I'm just trying to keep as much of you as possible
and someone once said it best
'Sometimes to keep it together You got to leave it alone'
Maybe one day
I can say that i finally moved on

1 comment:

Kelly said...

"Sometimes to keep it together, you gotta leave it alone"... That is the line from Wasted Time by the Eagles :) Great poem!